Costume Shopping is a DRAG, but it’s fun!!!

Posted on: October 15, 2011

Ahhh costume shopping, complaints about something being too skimpy, too frumpy, etc. Every female has some sort of issues with the costumes on the market! My issue: The costume is anything BUT sexy!!! Now, I don’t try to let my good’s hang out, and since the tender age of 13, I managed to wear the costumes on the market (even made my own instant costumes) that are labeled as “skimpy” or “sexy” without loosing my dignity. Half the time, when I actually try those costumes made by Leg Avenue they’re anything BUT!

Let me tell you this: You remember the old saying “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover?” Well it’s true. For one,  it might look like a little mini skirt exposing your goods on the package, but since I’m exactly 5 feet tall, about 70% of those too short skirts hit close to the knee, PERFECT! When the costume hits mid thigh, it hits right below the knee, so I end up looking even shorter! I think the biggest issue, that makes me really upset with costume shopping, is the price, and the quality! If I’m going to be paying about 40 dollars or more, it better be worth 40 dollars. That means, the accessories are doable, and made of nice martial, not plastic or felt! It better not be held together with Tacky Glue either! That made me pretty angry.


Good news: I found a sexy/sassy costume, that’s Mom approved! I can legally drink, and I made a purchase out of my Debit Card, so it’s not like Mommy was buying it for trick-or-treating anyways, but she still found it cute, though she isn’t a fan of those costumes at all. Of course, when I made the purchase, I got 20% off (it was already on SALE!), and decided to donate $1 to the Children’s Hospital! It was quite a fun way to give back to the community and help others in need!


So my moodlets for today:

Charitable +10

Got a Good Deal +10


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