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When will Detroit Michigan ever decide its weather pattern? I swear one week it’s nice enough to take the furry nooboo outside (Simlish for precious kitty) and watch him have it with the squirrel, the next day I get up for work and it’s only like 38 degrees tops. Now, it wasn’t like it was exactly shorts and tank top weather, far from it! But it was still decent enough weather for him to explore outside. What can I say, he’s Persian, so that means extra thick fluffy coat of fur! Poor little guy. He had such a great adventure outside and it’s prob his last for the year.


I would also like to mention that we had snow flurries too!



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  • dwarfwench: I do use some custom content but its pretty much just hair and the occasional bit of clothing and only from a couple of specific creators that I like
  • Jeana: So have I. It's so stupid. My hunch is that they'll be forced to resort to classic 2008-2009 layout which is what everyone is most familiar with. The
  • Summer Rose: I agree I don't want the stupid timeline I've personally been trying to keep the old as long as i can