Posted on: March 12, 2012

I am a huge cat person so naturally, I love this blog post. This one’s for you Spoop! I hope you love it!

Puppy Cats, Pop Culture and Other Preoccupations

Blackbolt and Sentry are typical blue lynx ragdoll kittens and in fact, look alike. They share the same lynx (tabby) stripes – vertical tufts of grey on the face, and patches of grey fur everywhere. They started living together about two weeks ago.

Before that, Blackbolt enjoyed his lofty position as the master of our universe and ruled his roost with a firm paw and a fierce bite. Spoiled to silliness with all his toys and our affection, Blackbolt for the most part, seemed content with us. At six months, he’s very fluffy and chubby, with his coat starting to darken already.

However, we often wondered if BB ever felt lonely, being alone in the condo most of the day. Most cat welfare-related sites and forums recommend getting a second pet for company, but it was a decision Jat and I did not want to rush into. As I explained…

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