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Oh Animal Planet and Youtube! This is easily the silliest idea I’ve ever heard in my life! You know that show Cats 101, that talks about and features the different breeds, and silly things cats do in general? It was an older married couple taking their Turkish Van for a swim. I just can’t picture my red tabby Persian, Polanco using the pool! Poor little guy would be scared for his life, and trying to fight me! He hates water so much, that when he was watching Reginald the fellow Persian kitten screaming and fighting during his bath on an episode of the show Too Cute, he ran out of the room, like a two year old child watching a scary movie!

No, this is not Polanco!


The part of the episode that scared my little sweet P!

I don’t think kitties were meant to swim at all! I just look completely confused! Do those poor kitties like being in the water?




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  • dwarfwench: I do use some custom content but its pretty much just hair and the occasional bit of clothing and only from a couple of specific creators that I like
  • Jeana: So have I. It's so stupid. My hunch is that they'll be forced to resort to classic 2008-2009 layout which is what everyone is most familiar with. The
  • Summer Rose: I agree I don't want the stupid timeline I've personally been trying to keep the old as long as i can