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This season might be one of the best seasons this year. I’m glad to see it’s more about talent, and less about popularity. In fall of 2010, Bristol, who I think should have been eliminated in The Situation’s spot (Okay I’m a sucker for the Jersey Shore and I’m from Detroit Suburbs). While I’m very liberal and pro-Obama, I love Bristol as a person, and think she’s very sweet, and a really nice girl, it had nothing to do with why I wanted her off. I don’t agree with her mom’s politics, but that never effected my opinion on Bristol Palin, as a person. That spot rightfully belonged to Brandy!

This season: I am really rooting for Carson Kressley and JR Martinez for the final 3 along with Ricki Lake! Oh man Ricki Lake’s talk show takes me back! I am very happy that Elizabetta got voted off last week though! Her dancing may have been okay, but her attitude was just awful! Maks, where was your brother in Spring of 2010!? He should have had Kate Gosselin for a partner! (Family Oriented people who are mean-spirited do exist!) I hate Kate with a purple passion!

I am very appalled at some of the comments made by JR’s face! Those are survival battle scars onĀ  his face, and to be honest, they never bothered me. JR is an American Hero, a great actor and a great dancer, and for sure deserves my vote for the Mirror Ball Trophy!


I was watching my guilty pleasure Teen Mom this week, and all people have done was complain about…Gary. All because of his weight. I’m a parent myself to an orange Persian Tabby, but he’s one of the best parents out there on the show and one of the FEW Dads of the series to be fully committed to his child since day one. The poor guy has been beaten and badmouthed by the mother of his child Amber. His actions DID seem irresponsible this week, however, I don’t blame him and I understand why he did what he did. That doesn’t make it right, but he’s gone down to his lowest point where he’s depressed and wanted so badly to make it work for his precious daughter Leah. All the awful comments he received on his parenting stems back down to his weight. It’s really sad how a guy has been there for his daughter and loves his daughter more than anything in the whole world gets talked down to because of his weight. Weight has nothing to do with parenting. It’s really sad how many people make fun of him, but were you NOT watching the same show? Did you not see him pay all the bills work and go to school full time? Obviously not. He even said on his Biggest Loser audition about Leah being “the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” What deadbeat says that? Have a heart and give the poor guy a break.



He’s really an amazing guy.


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