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I was your typical 90’s girl: drooling over boybands, (Backstreet Boys for me!), taking care of my virtual pet, during lessons (even having the teacher take it away!), collecting Beanie Babies, toting Lisa Frank school supplies (mostly cat designs, with the occasional dolphins!), owning several pairs of leggings, and of course…the Spice Girls! I was a fan through it all! From the first time Wannabe played on the radio, when their movie was made, when Geri left the band, when they finally said goodbye as a whole, to their reunion, and greatest hits! Another shocker: No Elton John! Really?! He’s a huge participant, through the royal wedding, greving through Princess Diana’s passing! And he’s a pretty big representative! Some of the bands included on the Olympic Playlist are, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Led Zepplin, The Who, Eric Clapton, David Bowie, and Duran Duran! Sounds great to you guys right? A little unfair to the ones pushing 21, 25, and 30, Danny Boyle! Now, don’t get me wrong, my parents grew up with this music, and with the exposure I got from these bands, even though, I’m into the rap and pop artists of my time, and I have a lot of respect for them, but by the same token, those bands have had pleanty of opportunity, and performances for such events, over the years, and it’s time for some of them to step aside, and make room for the younger generations! Sorry folks, but a Beatles Reunion, isn’t going to work, with half the band deceased!

Sure, the Spice Girls weren’t the Rolling Stones, or the Beatles. But they represented their country much more than any famous person born in the UK! They proudly flaunted around the Union Jack from the Spice Bus in the famous Spice World movie, (that I used to watch EVERYDAY of the week!), to the famous dress Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) wore on stage. Geri invented the phrase “Girl Power” and always spoke her mind. Baby boomers have been watching their favorite artists make a comeback and a reunion too long, time to give us young people a chance!

My favorite Spice Girl, Mel C, (Sporty Spice), a dedicated fan of football (I mean soccer), is very upset about the supposed setlist, and she has every right to be! If you were a proud record selling artist, or successful band that changed the world in some fashion, and all your dedicated fans, ages 18-30, were excited to hear you perform for a huge event representing your country, that would excite you, right? Then it all comes crashing down, when Danny Boyle decides NOT to invite you to perform, because there are more dedicated artists, out there. Well, that doesn’t feel to great does it? Didn’t think so!

I realize I keep mentioning in my disappointment about Baby Boomers. Like I said, this is in no way to offend or upset you at all! I realize these bands and artists you grew up with make you feel young, and proud and stuff, that’s how I feel about the Spice Girls. As I type this, I’m a bit more and more upset, until I hear otherwise, but until then, I will think back to 1998, when I wanted Pepsi, instead of Coke, because of their awesome commercial, begging my mom for quarters at the supermarket just to get Spice Girls lollies and bubblegum at the vending machine, dancing to their music, pretending to be Sporty Spice, while my (brunette) little sister was Baby. My first album ever, Spice World, even giving her the album that same year to my best friend for her birthday! Playing the cassettes in my mom’s car during carpools during brownie girl scout field trips where my mom was a co-leader, and having Spice Girls dolls, notebooks, school supplies, etc. *Sigh* Times like these I wish I could go through the time machine and relive those times, but no time machine yet, for now. Well at least one can dream, right?


Girl Power!


From their first, hopefully not last, reunion.


Oh Animal Planet and Youtube! This is easily the silliest idea I’ve ever heard in my life! You know that show Cats 101, that talks about and features the different breeds, and silly things cats do in general? It was an older married couple taking their Turkish Van for a swim. I just can’t picture my red tabby Persian, Polanco using the pool! Poor little guy would be scared for his life, and trying to fight me! He hates water so much, that when he was watching Reginald the fellow Persian kitten screaming and fighting during his bath on an episode of the show Too Cute, he ran out of the room, like a two year old child watching a scary movie!

No, this is not Polanco!


The part of the episode that scared my little sweet P!

I don’t think kitties were meant to swim at all! I just look completely confused! Do those poor kitties like being in the water?


Facebook has been the most popular social networking website of all time. It was once a simple social networking site where we could post our statuses, stalk check up on our friends and family, whether distant, or current, even reconnecting with them overtime. It was so popular, even our parents have joined, leaving them feel secure their children wouldn’t be lured in by some online creep. With all the fun games and large networks, everyone including myself, completely abandoned MySpace.


Over the years, Facebook has added new features, changing the layout, and eventually, getting rid of some of its privacy settings. The billions of users have complained, and have eventually adjusted. Now Facebook has gone officially too far.


The timeline is going to show posts all the way back telling everyone the date you first signed up. I looked at my cousin’s timeline, and even though she’s had a happy healthy relationship with her boyfriend, for almost seven years, it acts as if they started dating, and broke up. All because her boyfriend only recently got a Facebook. My cousin, is NOT one to air her dirty laundry, and it automatically listed her relationship status as “It’s Complicated.” It’s almost as if Facebook wants to make her look like a Drama Queen airing her dirty laundry about her relationship! Then there’s the soapbox statuses, and the lyrics to those songs I made, years ago. As much as I wasn’t smart, and I was very immature (still am somewhat, but so is everybody, right?), climbing on my soapbox, for posting those, it was over three years ago. No one needs to know what happened on July 24th 2008, and no one cares either.


Facebook is about sharing what you’re up to, where you’re going, what you do, etc. It’s about connecting with your family, friends, and friends of friends, so you can meet and form a new circle of friends. It’s not about sharing what you did and giving your life story, to the point where people just don’t care. If I want to share my memories and life story that bad, I would write my whole life story on this blog. I don’t need to tell people what happened 2008. It was in 2008. In the future, I’m sure I’ll be able to go back and change those things, but will discuss that another time, and what happened on July 22nd 2008  is totally irrelevant to any sort of updated I could be sharing.


I am pretty close to deleting my Facebook, and starting fresh, so none of my annoying soapbox posts or useless information will come up and drive people nuts. If there’s a way to mass delete everything between 2008-2011 that would be awesome. Till then, feel free to sign this petition in hopes Facebook will come to their senses.


Rant Over.

When will Detroit Michigan ever decide its weather pattern? I swear one week it’s nice enough to take the furry nooboo outside (Simlish for precious kitty) and watch him have it with the squirrel, the next day I get up for work and it’s only like 38 degrees tops. Now, it wasn’t like it was exactly shorts and tank top weather, far from it! But it was still decent enough weather for him to explore outside. What can I say, he’s Persian, so that means extra thick fluffy coat of fur! Poor little guy. He had such a great adventure outside and it’s prob his last for the year.


I would also like to mention that we had snow flurries too!

I have been reading Spoop’s Blog quite religiously these days. She is an admin on the forum I belong to solely discussing Sims 3, which is how I found her. I’m sure she’s going to be reading this thinking “man I wish Texas was like this…” or think “Are You Kidding Me?”

Saturday: It was very hot and humid, and got up to 90 degrees. The heat was HUMID and sticky and of course, with my curly hair, I got a FRO!  The rain cooled it off, however, we did get a few tornadoes, none near my suburb though.

Sunday: Still a little humid, about 5-10 degrees cooler, but the rain did the trick.

and finally…Labor Day: It was 62 degrees and chilly, just like it is now.


While were on the discussion of weather, Michigan is not normal. There’s no particular time to bring out the shorts. You really can’t pack away the winter boots, immediately and swap them for some nice flip flops and shorts. You have to have both at hand. Between Easter and Mother’s day, is the time where you have to have both the long sleeved shirts, and the shorts. Just when it was time to wear your brand new bikini, you have to go digging in for the sweater. In other words, it could be 80 degrees and sunny, but the next day, it will go down to 52 with a slight chance of flurries. Weird huh? Well, in Michigan it’s normal. Unfortunately, on my birthday, in the fall on November 3rd, it’s chilly, so naturally, it’s time to plan a Vegas trip, while I’m still in my 20’s.



At my real life Sears job, I work in the backroom receiving area. Today we processed the boxes, and when I went to open them, I saw a leather jacket. It was cute, but the tag said Vegan Leather. VEGAN LEATHER!?! What does that mean? I mean is it Pleather or something? Is it soy leather? Was the cow a vegan? I’m not sure what it means, but to me this whole “VEGAN” thing sounds like a ploy. Mind you, I’m an avid animal lover, and a lacto-ovo vegetarian, but “vegan leather” sounds like a frivolous ploy. Why can’t you just call it pleather? It looks like a leather jacket, but it’s not.Vegan feather, vegan leather, what’s next vegan fur? I’m going to have to look more into this.


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