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Exactly half of the year is now over. List 10 things you want to do before 2012 begins..


Here’s mine:

1.Become more muscular

2.Learn Handy Skill

3.Keep my cat off the kitchen table.

4.Go back to being a redhead

5.Meet a Celebrity

6.Get my missing license replaced.

7.Get a new car.

8.Finish my tattoo and get leopard stars or paw prints on my shoulder

9.See Lady Gaga LIVE!

10.Actually commit to an immortal dynasty or Metro’s Challenges.



  • None
  • dwarfwench: I do use some custom content but its pretty much just hair and the occasional bit of clothing and only from a couple of specific creators that I like
  • Jeana: So have I. It's so stupid. My hunch is that they'll be forced to resort to classic 2008-2009 layout which is what everyone is most familiar with. The
  • Summer Rose: I agree I don't want the stupid timeline I've personally been trying to keep the old as long as i can