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Sorry Guys, haven’t had a chance to play with 12.4. I ‘ve been going back to Sims 2 just to prevent myself from bashing EA and giving off a huge hate speech full of cusswords and what not. I really miss the way the toddlers ask for things and the children were always getting report cards and they cheer when getting an A+. I still like Sims 3 a lot, and I think it’s a fun game, however, It’s not stable. If Sims 3 lost it’s complexity, I would be more rushed to play the patch. I love Sims 3 and discussing it, I’m just taking a little bit of hiatus (meaning Metro’s challenges. and storytelling stuff), until Pets. I really love Sims 3, however, I miss the simplicity and stability Sims had. I played on the counsle with friends and mostly my cousin and her boyfriend, and my younger twin cousins, and the most I remember is Aliens. I do hope Sims 3 brings back Alien Abduction, because unrealistic colored skin isn’t the same.


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  • dwarfwench: I do use some custom content but its pretty much just hair and the occasional bit of clothing and only from a couple of specific creators that I like
  • Jeana: So have I. It's so stupid. My hunch is that they'll be forced to resort to classic 2008-2009 layout which is what everyone is most familiar with. The
  • Summer Rose: I agree I don't want the stupid timeline I've personally been trying to keep the old as long as i can