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…but he looks like mine. Same body, color, and everything.



This is My Persian. Yes they look exactly alike. He was a stray, but based on his physical features, he’s clearly 100%! There were obviously no papers or documents declaring what breed he was, but the face and fluff along with the stocky body and big paws, clearly states Persian. Thankfully, he’s the older, natural version of his breed. Had he been a modern extreme type, with his health problems and nose so smashed in, now way would he survive in the streets. I wish people stopped breeding for looks and remember the way nature made the cat breed.



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  • dwarfwench: I do use some custom content but its pretty much just hair and the occasional bit of clothing and only from a couple of specific creators that I like
  • Jeana: So have I. It's so stupid. My hunch is that they'll be forced to resort to classic 2008-2009 layout which is what everyone is most familiar with. The
  • Summer Rose: I agree I don't want the stupid timeline I've personally been trying to keep the old as long as i can